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Our donors are fantastic!

Our donors make the Pekingese world go 'round. Every bit helps. Whether you donate $10 or $1,000, we use it.  We swoop in on a whim when we are called to act, no matter the distance. Often, we act on the faith that our fellow dog lovers out there are standing by to help. That's where YOU come in. Gifting to Liz E.'s ensures safety, health and a worry free life. We do everything we can to ensure no one dies alone in a shelter. Dogs deserve rides, soft beds, treats and outdoor life that is fun! We need YOU.  Our day in - day out life requires funds. We love our supporters and there truly is no gift too small.

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Our recurring donors are awesome! 

If you have ever considered a "set it and forget it" donation, we can fix you right up! Monthly donors create a foundation and stability for those Pekingese who think they are too fancy to get a job! Please share the idea and consider a recurring donation. If everyone who follows our tears and laughter implemented a recurring donation of $15 a month, Pekingese would be worry free! Every minute of their lives count, every dollar we receive makes for a confident little dog! Our hearts are full. 

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