Lives filled with Pekingese Protection, Privilege and Passion. 
We serve the forgotten souls who have been given up on.

 Welcome BARK our friends to the chaos that never ends!
We're so glad you could attend, Peke inside, Peke inside!

We have everything here from flat-faces to Hairstorms!   
Our stories of laughter , tears, anxiety and exhaustion will entertain you!  
Your recurring monthly donation is a small step toward saving every life in a pinch!
We are a 501c3 organization. Your giving is tax deductible!
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Pekingese Protection is our first goal. We never go at it alone. The Pekingese world continues because YOU help us find those in need, transport, donate and/or adopt. We are committed to reaching out to help those the world has left behind. Our specialty is Pekingese who are elderly, blind, deaf, neglected, abandoned, somewhat ill-behaved and even handi-capable. We will save, adopt, celebrate, fly, vacation, swim, groom, vet, complain, cry (oh how we cry!) and even get bitten, by the faces you will come to know and love.

Goal number two is Pekingese Privilege, which is paramount for the dogs that find themselves here. Their new lives begin when they arrive. We will tell stories of life as a Pekingese or as life serving Pekingese. These fun-sized dictators are independent, cannot live without us and yet we succumb to their every whine and contradiction. We may even have moments of education, medicine, agility (wait….what?) and Peke performances!

Welcome to our Pekingese Passion-
join us in our love, our care, and our daily grind to ensure these little dogs never have worry in their lives again.

Applying to Adopt? 


 Our adoptable dogs are on AR 297 and/or our Facebook page.

If no dogs are listed, we likely have no one available at the time. If you are interested in one of our adoptable dogs, please complete the application and return it to [email protected] We accept applications in Word, PDF or copy and pasted into the body of an email. We do not accept mailed paper applications at this time. 


1. Only FULLY completed applications will be reviewed.
2. We review and approve applications on a first-come, best match basis.
3. We DO adopt out of state.
4. Once approved, it is the adopter's responsibility to come to pick up the dog. In some instances, the adopter can sponsor the trip for us to bring the dog to them. This is highly dependent on schedules and the time of year.
5. Our dogs are typically seniors and/or special needs. Pekingese can be a high-maintenance breed. Pet insurance may be a good idea. 

We do not breed or sell.

Pekingese Passion

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