The Peke-ends are here!

Visit our store at Bonfire for your favorite version of the Peke-ends shirts and hoodies! Featuring a story of rebound like  no other, Peter Rottentail! See below for more information! 

Peke Merchandise

Here are some of our most popular items! If you don't know the characters, keep Peking around! 

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Shirts and Face Masks

We have a shirt that earned its stardom when we had finally raised enough for the Walter Wagon. It's called the "Peke Patrol." You'll want a Peke Patrol shirt! We have them in several styles, sizes, colors and dogs: "The Peke-ends!","The GodFWalter," "Marcus, the Man-Kitten," "The GirlFrong," and of course, "Hairstorm" the band! You might want the collection! Don't see your size?
Just ask us!

Yes, we have face masks! Comfortable, lightweight masks! Have you ever wanted Lemmy on your face? Here's your chance! 

Our store at Bonfire

Other Peking-things! Pekingese Products

In addition, we have other Pekingese products that we create and/or use! Puzzles, coasters, shot glasses, shower curtains, etc!  Show the world you love Hairstorm with a Hairstorm  "Word of Mouth" face mask! Goods are posted in our store at Check back often for new products and  items on SALE!

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PayPal Giving Fund

Did you know that you can choose and set Liz E.'s Pekingese Rescue and Sanctuary as your charity with PayPal? Everytime you check out with PayPal, you can donate a dollar (a microdonation! Who knew?). The impact could be Peke-nomenal! Easy for you, big win for us! 

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Oh, and while you are shopping, the dogs would like...

Did you get the part about them being fun-sized dictators? Well, they have a wish list on Amazon too! 

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